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 Conducting Human Rights Due Diligence

We help businesses design the necessary policies and indicators, which embody respect for human rights. We attempt to wedge the adversary gap between businesses and its stakeholders. We believe that within this intertwingled relationship, all stakeholders in a business  are allies, not adversaries. We initiate a constructive dialogue between the businesses and the community to nurture possibilities of improvement. 



Focus on Business and Human Rights

Sustaim engages in research on Business on Human Rights independently, as well as in association with other organisations and institutions.

 Additionally we undertake research for Governments and Government agencies to provide support for formulation of policies to address Human Rights issues stemming from Business.



Training Organisations on Business and Human Rights

We train organizations, institutions and government agencies in formulation of policies and educating them on the foundations of Business and Human Rights. Our training is centered on praxis as well as theory. The training is materialized through relevant literature, success stories or best practices by highly trained professionals.We believe in a participatory approach and our ingenuity lies in merging the organisation’s priorities with our training model. 

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