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Our Services

We undertake a number of activities and actively engage with industry and government at private and public forums to further the cause of responsible business in line with internationally accepted standards, indices and benchmarks.

Formulating Human Rights Policy

We help businesses formulate necessary human rights policies that embody respect for human rights, tailored to the industry and sector-specific standards.


We engage in research on Business on Human Rights independently and in association with industry associations, civil society, Government organisations and institutions to address human rights risk management.

Human Rights Reporting

We assist businesses in reporting on their human rights policies, processes and engagements in line with international standards and benchmarks. This is designed for annual sustainability reports for responsible communication with business stakeholders. Our in-house expertise includes developing Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) and conducting Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD).

Human Rights Awareness Training

We train organisations, institutions and government agencies to formulate policies and educate them on the foundations of Business and Human Rights. Our training is centred on praxis as well as theory. The training is materialised through relevant literature, success stories or best practices by highly trained professionals through online and in-person training programmes. We believe in a participatory approach, and our ingenuity lies in merging the organisation’s priorities with our training model.

Government Engagement

We believe in supporting and assisting the Government in formulating policy and legislative changes to address human rights issues emanating from business practices.

Stakeholder Engagement

We attempt to wedge the adversary gap between businesses and their stakeholders including civil society and investors. Within this intertwingled relationship, all stakeholders in a business are allies, not adversaries. We initiate a constructive dialogue between businesses and stakeholders in private and public forums.

Conducting MELs for CSR Projects

We help businesses monitor and evaluate their CSR projects in line with internationally accepted standards like those set up by the UNDP and the World Bank. These international MEL standards have been contextualised for the Indian socio-economic setting.

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